AfroBoricua Reads Book Reviews: Black, White, Other: In Search of Nina Armstrong by Joan Steinau Lester

Summary: Since her parents’ jarring divorce, California teen Nina has felt split into two—two homes, two cultures. And due to racial tensions in nearby Oakland, kids at Nina’s school are relentless about making her feel she has to choose sides—black or white. Nina begins to read about her great-great-grandmother Sarah, who escaped slavery, and whom her father is bringing to life. In fact, as Nina’s old, safe world falls away, the voice of Sarah is often the only thing that feels real.
To whom can Nina turn? At this critical time in her life, she makes a decision that takes her on an unintended journey through San Francisco and closer to the truths she’s been seeking. Relying on the faith she has in herself and those who marched to the same drum before her, as well as the still voice nagging at her from Sarah’s tale, Nina begins to reclaim what is most important and helps those close to her do the same.

My Review: 

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 

Recommendation: No I would not recommend this book 

Disclosure: Received a digital ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. No spoilers. 

I tried I honestly did but I didn’t finish this book. This book was so bad from the very beginning I’m honestly surprised I got very far into it. As a biracial teen I was excited to read this book hoping the author would convey how mixed kids feel, she didn’t. 

What I got from this book is a whiny teenager who doesn’t understand a goddamn thing about the world and wants everything to be just like they were when she was a child. News flash honey, things change in life and you gotta learn to deal with it. Honestly, this character disturbed me. The way she talked about black people you would’ve thought she had never seen one much less be one. I’m so angry about this book because that’s not an accurate depiction of a mixed person, honestly Nina sounded like a white girl who couldn’t cope with all the black people around her but wasn’t outwardly racist toward them like her “friends”.  This author clearly has no idea what it means to be mixed in this world and it upsets me greatly that this is how she believes it to be.
I’m just so sorry I ever read this book it was just so bad.


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