A New Type of Blog Post: Reread Tuesdays!


Hi Everyone!

I have had this blog for a little less than two months and so far I’ve only posted reviews, that is about to change!

Presenting: Reread Tuesdays

Here’s what it’s about:

Every Tuesday I will make a post about a book I’ve read before and why I’m rereading it. Now, I know we all have lives and we can’t possibly drop everything and reread our favorite book, when we have so much to do.

What I want to do is for you to take some time, (think of it as a coping skill) whenever you have the time (doesn’t have to be a Tuesday) and reread some parts of your favorite book to make yourself happy. Do this for yourself and no one else and make yourself happy!

Use the hashtag #rereadtuesdays on any of the social media I am on and I’ll like it, or repost doesn’t matter. Just take sometime for yourself and do something you truly enjoy!

Hugs and many bookish dreams,




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