Not a Half-Breed: My reaction to The Black Witch by Laurie-Ann Forest 

Hi everyone! 

It’s been a while I’m sorry for that depression really takes it out of me. I’m back to talking about bookish things but not a review just a reaction to someone reading the book. 

First and foremost I have not read The Black Witch by Laurie-Ann Forest and I never plan to. My awesome friend Shauna @b00kstorebabe on Twitter got an ARC of it and was immediately concerned with the main character ‘s blatant racism towards the other races in the book. 

If you haven’t heard of the Black Witch look up the summary I won’t link it, I’m not promoting this book I’m warning my followers the dangerous ideas this author poised in this so-called “fantasy” novel. 

I’ll admit I was really excited for The Black Witch, I’m a sucker for fantasy especially witches in fantasy but this thread changed it all. 

A thread about The Black Witch
I encourage you to read this thread because mine will make more sense of my very raw feelings. 

My twitter thread about The Black Witch
Okay have you read them both? Good because what I’m about to say is very important. 

We as consumers hold the power over what publishing houses releases. Our money tells them what kinda books we wanna see in the world. I don’t wanna see books like The Black Witch in the world, I don’t know what the author intended but this is not her place and she has hurt so many and the book doesn’t even come out until May. 

I’m devastated about this book coming out and harming so many people. It’s not okay for something like this occur in this day and age in the publishing industry. Editors need to do better. Writers need to do better. The whole publishing industry needs to do better. 

As of this moment the author hasn’t responded to anything about the harmful aspects in her book. I hope she handles in a responsible way and change because that’s what it’s going to take change. It’s up to you and me to change because unless we take action nothing is going to change. 

So take a stand and call on the author to respond nicely, no threats or harmful words should be used. If we want to foster actual change diplomacy works better in the long run even if it’s tough like it is right now for so many. 

That’s all I wanted to say for right now I just needed to get my feelings out hopefully this inspires you to do something. 





  1. It physically pains me to see this kind of offensive material being published. I feel like publishers nowadays are publishing controversial and highly derogatory books just because of the publicity they receive, rather than focusing on talent and the depth of the written content being published. It’s aggravating and unacceptable. (sorry, not angry at you, just this…book and everything that goes with it).

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  2. I’ve read your twitter thread on The Black Witch and I’d like to say thankyou for informing me on a book I wouldn’t know otherwise about. I’m deffo not going to buy it/publisize it now.


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